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Demi :at: by Lyran-Wolf
Demi :at:
Just finishing up trades, not active on here. I believe I stated that in a journal.

Only for :iconmalicious-demi:'s use.

please do not add/edit/redistribute/use for your own personal use or in any other way shape or form.
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Hey guys.

I know I seem to make a lot of journals and stuff, but this time, I'm serious.

I've already 'deleted' my skype. So I won't be on that account anymore. If you are a friend, you can text me or fb me. Although there are some who don't have my number or fb...I will find my way to contact you. Promise.

For this place. I've decided I won't delete it like I was going to. A person was kind enough to listen to me a bit. Thank you person, you know who you are.

However, I will be leaving DA for a while. Including this account. If I return I am not sure yet. There is a likely possibility since my mood has been up and down nearly every hour of the day and every day 7 days a week...but for now I'd rather just take it day by day.

I will be clearing off my profile page, so there is noting and it appears vacant. was easy to quit skyping. I thought it was going to be really hard...but it wasn't all that hard after all.

I'm sure leaving DA in the similiar way will be as easy as well.

I'm not saying I wont miss some people, because I will. but...

Im not happy. I dont even know if leaving these sites will make me happy. but at this point, their not making me happy and in fact...sort of leave a bad taste in my mouth... kind of has too many memories. Id rather just leave.

Ive said it earlier, but I'll say it again. I dont have a reason to be on here anymore...and the longer I stay, the more I realize I just can't anymore.

Thanks everyone for being good to me. Thanks for not trolling me. Well there were a couple in the past but...they stopped. ^^

So thanks for everything you guys. I hope you have amazing lives and go far.

Sincerely your recluse,


EDIT: oh yeah, I will be finishing the collab with claws and the trade with seragaki. No worries. Thatll be my last thing though. ^^
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So...I've been here for several years. Hm...I didn't really meet too many people here during my first few years, the few I did usually just for trades. Although I did manage to meet people elsewhere. DA wasn't really that big of a thing back then for me, it was always leaning towards more rping places like, Wajas, and and

Ah those were the days....I loved them places. In fact thats why I put a lot of my artwork here, because of old rps with people like :iconaberr: and :iconblush: of they don't come on here anymore...

ahem anyway, I was stuck in a time when I rp'd alot and made stories up with them, haha. Aberr and blush were so cool =w= They made my boring preteen years fun :3

xion kira kouta by Lyran-WolfSpades Hearts Diamonds by Lyran-Wolf

Those times were fun -w- I believe we did finish their story? but I dont remember...*shrugs* I kind of lost contact with them a few years back.

Well lets see...after that, I spent a lot of time just chillen on my own, oh and I also met :iconsessylover: on wajas. She's so cool and was always super nice and sweet. Haha I remember bein all excited cause she watched me. Ahhh still think of her as that pink waja with leopard spots. eue back then, I was commissioning her more than drawing her something...xD OTL

Oh Now that I think about it, My very first commission was at wajas .w.

wolf commision lily by Lyran-Wolf

I was all proud of it then...xD During this time also, I was a huuuuuge fan of Khaosdog, who isn't here anymore, but she was the best and probably my biggest inspiration out of anyone. I just loved her painterly style and how she did glow things. She even had a tutorial on glowy things, which is how I managed to do that on that pic up above ;)

Next person I found, was the awesome...deadly...kick ass artist, :iconsheltiewolf:

I had always been a huge fan of his work, and how he really makes it all work together! His wolves were so muscly, it always was awesome to me =w= I loved the style of it, rather than nowadays when people try to go so much for 'perfect' anatomy, his was completely style and thats what made it so unique and astounding to me. =w= yep yep yep...I loved his takeru so I even did a gift art for him x3

takeru the valiant by Lyran-Wolf(I didnt draw him till around 2012 because I was so unconfident with my art... but at this time, I felt so confident and happy to draw something for him I finally deed it =w=) This was done in photoshop, so I still didnt have sai yet. xD =w= kind of miss using ps...but eh.

I also was a huge fan of :icontakoruone: and Bleach as well. :)

omg this guy...DIS GUY...his human art is amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing and just asfjlkdsafjsalkd Hes amazing. seriously.

uhhh anyway. Back to my story...ugh. I cant remember anything for some reason...

Well, I know that I made a couple friends on :) he's been amazing and always has supported me. I'm so greatful and trully not worthy of this amazin guy :icontwitchykalgante: He's helped me more times than I can imagine.
We had or disagreements but it always worked out in the end. <3 Ah he was writing a HTF story and lol wow I was so into htf. It was interesting and blahhhhh he's amazing at writing seriously *w*

I also met :iconbutterflybabyblue: ... dude we should totally chit again. Havent talked to u in a min! ,w,
merr None of this is really in order anymore...xD I apologize for that.

Actually one of the few people I have met here strictly on DA was :iconanimaldeathnote: haha :) Now this kid...gah such amazing little artist. She's drastically improved since I've met her, and definitely a funny person to chat with. Haha tradin was fun and I believe we did have an art battle thing with our characters fighting for a while...thennnnn kinda let it goooo xD frozen style :I 

Had even tried doing a collab comic, buuut that was a while back and now xD still was fun for the beginning though eue good memory.

Uhhhhhh... I joined a few groups, like PMDE and PMDU but eh. Didnt really care for them so eh.

Oh some cool groups, though one I had a rough patch, or even a few rough patches with but was still awesome made it pretty fun on here. Though I have given up my positions there, I'm now just sort of groupless.

Some of the great groups I was apart of were :iconcitythatcareforgot: and :iconusagineko-academy:

They...were great. Amazing. I even met a few new people on there that I really love talking to. ^^ :icondweeb-tan: :iconembermuse: :iconmiitu-chan: <3

Love you guys, you are hilarious and awesome x3

I guess this is pretty incomplete. There was another friend but we don't talk anymore so...I won't go into any more details.

To be honest I didn't have plans to write this, but there was a few people I wanted to mention on here because they were amazin to talk to. I would put more people but Its kind of hard to write when my brain is pretty lazy in remembering anything on here. There are so many other people I want to mention in this journal but I'm afraid Itd become to long winded. I never was too good at talkin like this anyway. haha or...writing. Stories are different...but writing is bleh.

I guess I'll end this with the first computer drawing I did and posted on here and the last (finished completely) pic I did on here.

here is striger by Lyran-Wolf (My beyblade oc's bit beast...omg xD you can tell which bitbeast I was a fan of...OTL )

Where is my mind by Lyran-Wolf (A trade with :iconinternalsfury: hnn...that was a fun one... I had always wanted to do a checkerboard floor...)

Oh look...I started adding bgs. hnn no improvement really but eh.
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I'm giving it three days...

if I have art for you in my gallery please grab it. Take it.

I'll be cleaning out my gallery soon.

Nothing is going to be left.

Skin code by NotLucy
Lick lick by Lyran-Wolf
Lick lick
eue because...yes.

ugh I suck at drawing these boys. OTL

but I wanted to draw them...They have such random looks on their faces ...Idek...

characters (c) :iconmiitu-chan::iconlyran-wolf:


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